Monday, 17 February 2014

IR 4 Prinz Ysenburg

The top four pictures are of IR 4 Prinnz Ysenburg and the bottom two show the converged battalion of Grenadiers.

All of the IR 4 figures are from Black Hussar Miniatures, with the exception of the one dead guy who is from Foundry. What can one say about BHM? They are such beautiful figures, so crisp that you need do nothing except paint them. The rankers come from their new marching poses and the command, which I had purchased previously, are from their standing range - all Prussians of course.

This was the regiment of Prinz Johann Casimir von Ysenburg, who was killed at the battle of Bergen in 1759, and he was also the younger brother of Lieutenant-General Prince Christian Ludwig of Ysenburg-Birstein.

I have now finished four of the Hessian regiments out of twelve. There will be two converged Grenadier battalions and the first of those will have grenadiers from IR 1 through to IR6.
The last two pictures show the grenadiers of the first four regiments done so far. They are all Foundry and I especially like the Prinz Ysenburg command - the office has been shot in the foot or has stubbed his toe on a rock, and he is leaning on an NCO for support.

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