Tuesday, 17 March 2015

IR5 Leib Regiment

The unit was raised in 1688 as “Prinz Friedrich” regiment of foot. It took part in the campaign against the Turks in Greece. In 1698, the unit became known as the “Prinz Friedrich Bataillon”. In 1702, the unit was renamed “Prinz Friedrichs Regiment zu Fuß“ (aka Erbprinz). When the Erbprinz (Hereditary Prince) Friedrich became King of Sweden in 1721, the regiment assumed the name König (King’s) regiment.

The regiment was part of the Imperial District contingent during the Wars of the Spanish and Austrian Successions. In 1746, the regiment was sent to Scotland. In 1751, the regiment was renamed “Leibregiment Infanterie”. From 1760, it bore the name of its Kommandeure.

During the Seven Years' War, the successive Chefs of the regiment were:
-since 1751: Landgrave Wilhelm VIII.
-from 1760 to 1785: Landgrave Friedrich II.

During the Seven Years' War, the successive Kommandeure assuming effective command of the regiment was, from 1749 until 1776, Major-General von Wutginau who, in my OOB, commands this brigade as well.

During the American War of Independence, as “Regiment Landgraf”, the regiment was sent to North America and fought at Fort Washington, Newport and Spingfield. In 1789, the regiment was amalgamated with Infanterie Regiment Nr. 7.

I have now done 5 out of 12 Foot Regiments so 'progress'!! Figures are all Black Hussar except for the officer who is from Foundry.

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  1. Super regiment, the Black Hussar figures look 'the biz'