Tuesday, 16 December 2014

IR1 Leibgarde zu Fuß - revamped

I have changed my mind about the size of these Hessian battalions and have increased them in size from 18 to 28 figures. This has partly been dictated by whom they will be fighting – the French. They tended to field small battalions of 500 men whereas the Hessians fielded 700 to 800. So I have decided that 20 figure French battalions look best and, with this figure ratio, that meant increasing the Hessians correspondingly.

So the battalions have increased in size and I have had to add an extra grenadier figure too. Now 7 bases of 4 for the Musketeers and one base for grenadiers, which will be converged with those of six regiments. I’ll be revamping  all the figures previously painted.

Lastly, I have also used Army Painter to weather the figures as I like the look.