Sunday, 29 September 2013

IR2 Haudring

Here is the second of the Hessian Infantry regiments. This was commanded by Colonel Haudring up to his death at the Battle of Hestenbeck. I particularly like the orange facings.
Figures are from Foundry (as usual) with the exception of the command figures which are from a new German company called Black Hussar Miniatures. These are beautiful figures – crisp, delicious little sculpts full of character and absolutely flawless! They are Prussians being used as Hessians. Their range is developing all the time but I bought a few samples to see whether they were compatible with Foundry, which, as you can see, they are.
I have seen a comment on TMP to the effect that their bayonets are a bit fragile but I can’t comment on this as I didn’t buy any rankers with muskets. The standard bearers come with their standards separate (hands are attached to the pole). Obviously they come out of new moulds which accounts for their crispness but I’m confident these guys will not let the quality slip over time. As for price, they come in at 1.50 euros each so in tune with other manufacturers.
In email correspondence with them I have established that they have serious ambitions to finish the Prussian line and to start on other nationalities. I have a link to their website on the right and encourage all aficionados to try their figures out.  I’ve also purchased a 3pdr Beauvrye battalion gun and limber from them which are terrific value for money as well as being so detailed that you can see the two griffins on the barrels.
Lastly, there is a picture of the converged grenadier elements from the two regiments I have painted so far.

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